Govone-Caratti palace

The Govone-Caratti palace is a palace of medieval establishment, transformed in modern age and located in the center of Alba, south of the Cathedral. The building has two wings: east-west and north-south with a courtyard in the area in between.. The private building interventions comprised the realization of an underground parking in the inner courtyard and the renovation of the interior spaces for residential and commercial use. In the inner courtyard two areas of settlements delimited by the cardo have emerged. To the west there are different environments for commercial and artisan use starting from the Roman age until the modern age. To the east of the cardo, several structures of the Roman period have been brought to light, including a tessellated floor with a black and white geometric pattern. Below the pavement of the street the coeval sewer was found. New apartments have been obtained in the attic, where the medieval frescoes, having been obliterated by the vaults during the modern period, have been restored. Part of these findings have been integrated in the building renovation while others have been transferred to the Archaeological Museum.

Floor plan of the excavations (merged)
Floor plans of the escavations (top) and medieval frescoes (bottom)