Advanced tools for architecture modeling II

The castle of Montanaro is an ancient fortified building located in the municipality of Montanaro, northeast of Turin in the Canavese area. The origins of the castle date back to the 13th century, as a possession of the Abbey of Fruttuaria. During the 16th century it was transformed into a residence by the commendatory abbot, Cardinal Bonifacio Ferrero. It was restored in the early 19th century when it became the private residence of the Frola counts.

The castle was used as a theme for the teaching activities of the Advanced tools for architecture modeling module in the Restoration course of the curriculum in Architecture for Sustainable Design at Poltecnico di Torino. These mainly concerned the castle, the adjacent park and, on a smaller scale, the entire village. In particular:

  • georeferencing and maps mashup with GIS;
  • processing of aerial fotogrammetric data and extracting the whole complex orthophoto a 1:500 scale;
  • processing of LiDAR data and drawing of elevations, sections and plans of the castle on a scale of 1:50;
  • 3D modelling and texturing
  • process automation
Rabbini map georeferencing (mid 19th century)
Students panels (G4)
Students presentation (G9)
3D models of the north facade facing the park: vertex color (above), texture (below)