Photogrammetric surveys

Photogrammetric surveying is an established method for acquiring measures from pictures.

The development of digital photography and Unmanned Aerial Veichles (UAVs) expanded the range of application of this method, which nowadays is an easy and efficient mean for surveying. Technologies for 3D reconstruction from pictures, such as Structure from Motion (SfM), are used to extract detailed 3D models with colours, similarly to those obtained with by means of the LiDAR technology.

UAV photogrammetry is an emerging technology employing drones for photogrammetric surveying. UAVs are equipped with autonomous flight systems and a camera or other sensors. Their use is regulated by the specific regulations and licenses.

Photogrammetry is widely used in Architecture, Archaeology and Geology for surveying and monitoring buildings and sites. Its particularly suited for applications requiring high-res coloured representations, such as for Restoration.