Daunians archaeological park

The site of Ausculum is located in the north region of Apulia Region. The site is located on the Collina del Serpente, where an important Daunians settlement was active from the VI century BC and later declined after the Roman conquest. Daunians were a population settled in Northern Apulia during the Classical period, resulting from the union between Illyrian people originating from from the eastern Adriatic with the local population, alreday beeing mixed with Aegean populations.

The settlement included a sacred area, including a series of tombs, with rich grave goods, and temple, plus a processional way made up of riverrocks with geometrical patterns and habitations, one of those being reconstructed. Accordings to archeologist buildings structure was composed of mudbricks walls lying on limestone foundations.

Grave n. 8
Floor plan of the processional way (top) and grave n.8 (bottom)